The Dublin location has been ranked by travelers as one of the world’s best ‘hidden gems’

Drimnaugh Castle in Dublin.Discover Dublin/Instagram

Drimnagh Castle is Dublin’s top ‘hidden gem’ location, according to a new study.

Research conducted by tour operator software provider Bókun (part of the Tripadvisor family) has uncovered local ‘hidden gem’ locations around the world, according to tourists.

Bókun researched more than 1,000 local destinations using Tripadvisor reviews that included the phrase “hidden gem.” Their analysis revealed the best places to travel worldwide, according to real consumers.

Ireland was one of the top three countries with the world’s most ‘hidden gems’. The Emerald Isle is the third most likely place worldwide to discover a ‘hidden gem’ location, accounting for 6% of the total wonders. England came in first place with 33% of the total number of miracles, closely followed by the United States of America in second place with 31%.

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, made a remarkable impression on tourists, with a total of nine destinations making it onto the global list of ‘hidden gems’. Of the nine that made the list, Drimnagh Castle emerged as the frontrunner. 19% of all reviews claimed the top spot in both Dublin and Ireland overall, calling the historic site a ‘hidden gem’ location.

The nine recognized sites in Dublin included Casino Marino, Marsh’s Library, Dublin City Gallery and Richmond Barracks. This recognition puts Dublin in the spotlight as a city of enormous cultural significance, making it one of the world’s most prized wonders.

And behind Drimnagh Castle in second place in Ireland overall, Kilfane Waterfall and Glen in Co. followed. Kilkenny, with a total of 19% of reviews mentioning its notable value. Ireland’s third best hidden gem was the National Botanic Gardens in Kilmacurragh (14%).

Read below about the top hidden gems in both Dublin and Ireland in general.

Hidden Gems in Dublin:

  1. Drimnagh Castle
  2. Casino Marino
  3. Marsh’s Library
  4. Richmond Barracks
  5. St. Audoen’s Church
  6. Chester Beatty
  7. Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane
  8. Henriettastraat 14
  9. The Little Museum of Dublin

Top 10 hidden gems in Ireland

  1. Drimnagh Castle
  2. Kilfane Waterfall and Glen
  3. National Botanical Gardens, Kilmacurragh
  4. Dooks Golf Club
  5. Corlea Trackway Visitor Centre
  6. Casino Marino
  7. Marsh’s Library
  8. Victor’s Way
  9. Old Irish ways
  10. Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens

For more information about Bókun’s research into ‘hidden gems’ worldwide, click here.

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