Eric Hovde will not help resolve border or debt issues

Eric Hovde makes two points in his campaign that I disagree with.

The first is his statement that he will work to solve our immigration problem. History has shown that this will be difficult.

In 2013 and 2024, Congress had to compromise on bills to fix the problem. Both times, Republicans withdrew from the compromise. Why does Hovde think Democrats will trust them again since it takes 60 senators to pass legislation? The 2024 bill gave Republicans much of what they wanted. Hovde and former President Donald Trump felt that a campaign issue was more important to them than the more than 100,000 people who may die from a fentanyl overdose this year.

The second issue is his implication that President Joe Biden has created more debt than any other president. President Biden and Trump will have created a similar amount of money in their four years as president. The difference is that President Biden’s debt was used to create jobs and make our country better. President Trump’s debts were largely caused by his 2017 tax cut for the wealthy.

The personal portions of Trump’s tax cuts end in 2025. What will Hovde do? Vote for extension or termination?