Three reasons why the Nashville Predators will struggle in Round 1 of the NHL Playoffs

The Nashville Predators may have excited their fan base with an unprecedented run to the NHL Playoffs. While it has been a feel-good story in Tennessee this season, this is a team with numerous flaws and a group that could be “one and done” if they continue the inconsistencies that plagued them in April.

But we also know how hot the Predators can get, evidenced by nothing less than an 18-game point streak that served as the catalyst to launch them into the postseason. During the series, Nashville proved they can beat anyone, but getting the best out of a team like the Vancouver Canucks, a group that has been much more consistent without a lackluster February, could be a different story.

It’s worth noting that Nashville finished just 0-3-0 against Vancouver on the season, scoring six goals in the process. They allowed 13 against this high-scoring team, and that trend could continue in the playoffs. Let’s talk about three reasons why Nashville’s struggles against the Canucks could continue, starting with their consistency issues.

Consistency haunted Nashville from the moment their season began on October 10, and they started the season just 5-10-0. Then there were times when they looked like a legitimate playoff team, going 13-3-0 between November 18 and December 16 before falling to a meager 8-10-2 record between December 19 and January 31.

Then came their 17-2-2 run that started on February 10 against the Arizona Coyotes and only ended when those same Coyotes defeated them 8-4 on March 28. They finished the season with an uninspiring record of 4-5-1, once again signaling that battle was on the horizon.

If the Predators can at least show some consistency, they might move into the 2024 playoffs, but right now that doesn’t seem to be the case, especially if a particular player is struggling.