The UNC System Committee’s move to undermine DEI stinks to high heaven

Don’t let DEI sink in

Regarding “UNC System Committee Adopts Policy Eliminating DEI Efforts” (April 18):

The decision by the UNC System Committee to “dismantle” DEI is stellar.

The Old South has raised its head and is ready to take us backwards, ever backwards. Following Florida’s lead in removing diversity, equity and inclusion is sickening.

The principles of diversity, equity and inclusion should be a proud banner in every school, especially in public higher education institutions.

It is difficult for people of good will to accept that North Carolina has once again fallen prey to the ‘Lords of Privilege’.

Jesse Kaufmann, Hillsborough

Hospital closures

As a public health worker, I have worked with NC hospitals to become tobacco-free, so I know the hospitals in our state well. The smaller rural areas have been under extreme financial and personnel pressure for over a decade. That tension was exacerbated when the legislature passed a highly restrictive and legally unclear abortion law.

In states like Texas, some rural hospitals have already closed maternity wards and NICUs due to lack of staff. I am deeply concerned that we are a fraction away from becoming the next Texas, Idaho, Alabama or Louisiana, as medical students bypass our state and healthcare workers go elsewhere.

We have a clear choice for a governor. One fully supports women’s rights to bodily autonomy and access to full reproductive health care. The other wants to ban abortion after six weeks “and then just move on (down).”

Voters have a clear choice. Women’s lives and our rural hospitals are at stake.

Melva Fager Okun, Carrboro

It’s about time

“Hear, hear!” to the United Methodist Church for finally being able to engage all of God’s children in their full ministry. As a lifelong member of the Church, I have sometimes felt shame and anger about the way the Church has treated our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

The Presbyterians, Lutherans, and Episcopalians moved toward full integration long ago, and yes, they paid a price, but justice is never cheap. Seven years ago, my United Methodist church in the Raleigh area became part of the Reconciling Ministries Network and stood up to say it was time to move toward full integration. I am beyond happy to see the church I was baptized into finally becoming a more fully inclusive church.

Henry Jarrett, Raleigh

No credibility

The writer spent four decades in the financial services industry.

What convinced the N&O to give Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation space on your April 18 opinion page? This is an ‘economist’ who:

Denies climate change

wants this country to return to the gold standard; a marginal and completely debunked approach.

Wants to repeal the income tax and replace it with a national sales tax – a hopelessly regressive tax approach that would benefit the rich at the expense of making everyone else poorer.

Donald Trump nominated Moore to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. His nomination was rightly rejected by a rare bipartisan consensus. Both sides understood that Moore had nothing to do with the actual workings of managing the American economy.

Want to know who’s responsible for maintaining the thin veneer of credibility Moore maintains with the public? Journalists. Journalists who publish his nonsense on platforms such as the N&O. This gives him legitimacy and allows him to continue spreading disinformation.

The Fourth Estate has failed us again.

Fred D. Gunther, Raleigh

Bets in NC

Many thanks to Governor Roy Cooper and the state’s legislative leadership for the non-stop bombardment of the pro-betting industry since the legalization of online sports betting in March, and previous legalization of in-person betting at tribal casinos. I haven’t been yelled at this much by ads since I don’t know when.

These questionable decisions were undoubtedly made to collect tax on betting. There’s no telling how many people will become addicted to betting and lose their shirts (and belongings). What questionable activities will they try to tax next? Human trafficking and prostitution?

Ben Owens, Raleigh