Four employees in the kitchen unwell on the same evening, hotel evacuated

Hotel Fletcher on the Schansdijk in Zevenbergen was evacuated on Saturday evening after four kitchen employees became unwell. Because it was not clear what was going on, the emergency services were called. All 120 guests had to leave the hotel.

The four works in the hotel kitchen. They all became unwell on Saturday evening. This does not happen simultaneously, but spread out over the evening. So employees rang the alarm around nine o’clock. The fire brigade and ambulance came to the hotel.

To be on the safe side, the hotel was evacuated. The guests were taken to the grounds in coaches. “The complaints of the people who became unwell varied,” says an official from the Safety Region. Therefore, it was not clear what exactly was going on. “It could have been a gas leak, carbon monoxide, food poisoning or something in the ventilation system.”

The fire brigade took measurements inside and could not find any foreign substances. Ultimately, it turned out that something completely different was going on. “It turned out to be a kind of virus that had been circulating among staff in the hotel for a while. Now it involved four people who happened to work in the kitchen,” the possible person explains.

In the strange combination of circumstances, according to the failed person, there was nothing serious going on. All guests were able to return inside just before half past ten.

The hotel did not respond on Saturday evening.