Local veteran honors fallen comrades ahead of ANZAC Day

Lieutenant Colonel John Pettit, Hawkesbury District Subdivision Member, joined fellow veterans on the streets of Richmond today for the ANZAC Sunday March and Remembrance Service at the Richmond War Memorial.

Pettit displayed his own medals earned during his service in Vietnam in 1969, in addition to those he inherited from his uncle’s bravery in World War II, and began a series of events honoring the sacrifices made by the Australian military brought.

Lt. Col. John Petteit served in Vietnam.

On Wednesday, Pettit plans to attend a service at RSL LifeCare’s Ron Middleton Gardens in North Richmond. He will take part in the city march on ANZAC Day after an earlier service in Hawkesbury.

Reflecting on the significance of this tribute, Pettit underscored the importance of remembering not only those who died in battle, but also those who succumbed to the silent wounds of war.

“It is also a time to remember the many who have died after service due to PTSD and other issues resulting from their time in war,” Pettit said.

“My brother was in Vietnam in the Armored Corps for two years and died of PTSD in 1989 at the age of 47. It affected him, it actually affected a lot of people, and you don’t hear anything about that. You hear about the people who died there, but you don’t hear about the many thousands who died afterwards from war-related problems,” he said.