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The Midwest and Eastern U.S. can expect potential freeze conditions next week, causing potential damage to vegetation and cold-related health concerns.

The National Weather Service (NWS) shows heavy rainfall is likely across the southeastern US and the Gulf Coast. Residents are advised to watch for minor to moderate river flooding in the Florida Panhandle, southern Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama.

In New York, the final advice reveals that the region could see some showers, with temperatures reaching the 60s and 50s. Scattered showers possible in the morning.

Additionally, Boston can expect some pretty calm and seasonal weather next week. High temperatures are expected daily, with mid 50s to low 60s. Pittsburgh residents should watch for free or frozen conditions this week, especially Monday through Thursday. There is a chance of precipitation on Wednesday.

Weather forecasts for the Midwest and Eastern America next week

Zoom Earth satellite via NESDIS-NOAA. The Midwest and Eastern U.S. can anticipate freezing conditions this week, potentially impacting plants, vegetation and human health. (Photo: Zoom Earth Satellite via NESDIS-NOAA)

In the Midwest and Eastern U.S., the forecast shows cold air is likely, including in areas of the Mid-Atlantic and Plains. Due to the colder conditions, homeowners should remain alert to cold-related health problems and damage to vegetation.

The late week of April will bring challenging colds and freezes to parts of the US. The forecast warns of prolonged exposure to frost, which poses risks of hypothermia and frostbite. It is advisable to limit prolonged exposure to sub-temperature temperatures to stay protected from the elements.

Freezing weather conditions will be likely, including in parts of eastern New England and North Carolina. Next week, the risk of freeze prospects may decrease in the following areas:

  • Des Moines
  • Chicago
  • Indianapolis
  • Saul Ste. Marie
  • Detroit
  • Buffalo
  • Pittsburgh
  • Burlington

NWS reminds homeowners to stay alert Freeze warning and frost advisory this week, especially in affected areas. The advisory warns that the frost outlook could potentially damage sensitive vegetation and unprotected plants.

On Monday, the frozen potential will spread to areas in Portland, Boston, New York, Buffalo, Ottawa, Detroit, Ottawa, Chicago, Minneapolis and Charleston.

In Chicago, the latest weather report reveals that warmer temperatures are likely across the region through Monday. The forecast follows the development of some storms. After a brief cooldown, temperatures are expected to warm toward the end of the week.

The cool air mass can potentially bring freezing temperatures, and limiting outdoor travel is advisable to stay protected from prolonged cold.

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Protection from freezing weather in the Eastern US and Midwest

It is advisable for motorists to check road conditions to avoid slippery roads that pose the risk of freezing. For homeowners, they must cover the plants and plumbing system.

Colder weather forecasts could become widespread across parts of the Midwest and Eastern US on Wednesday. The frozen potential is predicted in the following areas:

  • Minneapolis
  • Green Bay
  • Chicago
  • Peoria
  • Indianapolis
  • Detroit
  • Pittsburgh
  • Charleston
  • Washington
  • Portland
  • Boston
  • New York

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