Confidence in Máxima takes a hit: almost as low a score as Willem-Alexander | Show

Confidence in the royal couple is and remains historically low. Queen Máxima’s figures in particular are taking a hit. Only 55 percent of Dutch people have no confidence in the wife of King Willem-Alexander. Five years ago that percentage was 84, last year it was 61.

This is evident from research among more than 26,000 members EenVandaag Opinion Panel. Confidence in King Willem-Alexander remains stable at 53 percent compared to 55 last year. Less than half (47 percent) of respondents have confidence in Princess Amalia, but one in five thinks it is too early to dispute problematically.

Critical respondents from the Opinion Panel thought Máxima was too invisible last year, questioned the luxurious life of her and the other Oranges, and did not appreciate that Máxima would have advocated the introduction of a digital euro in her UN work. Opponents of such a digital currency collected privacy violations.

Digital Euro

In an exclusive interview with this site last month, Máxima spoke extensively about annoyance among officials at the Ministry of Finance. They want Máxima to speak out less often about the digital euro, because the subject would be fodder for conspiracy theorists.

“I would like to make it clear that I have never advocated the introduction of the digital euro,” Máxima said in Colombia, where she was on a working visit for her UN role. And: “I do not present myself as either a supporter or an opponent. The introduction of such a currency is a political process that I will stay out of.”

According to the research of One today 52 percent of Dutch people still prefer the monarchy as a form of government, compared to 54 percent a year ago. The percentage of supporters of a republic remained the same (37), 11 percent do not know.

Of the panel members interviewed, 44 percent see a role as a scout in the cabinet formation for the king. Of the supporters of the currently negotiating parties, those of the BBB (61 percent) and VVD (58 percent) are decisive in this. Voters of the PVV (37 percent) and NSC (43) are less likely to like this.

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