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Half of PVV voters think that Wilders has done too much conversation during the negotiations for a new cabinet. This is evident from research by the RTL News Panel among 4,300 PVV voters. Two-thirds of PVV voters believe that Wilders should no longer be allowed to convene. As panel members and PVV voters Lindy and Rob: “It’s enough now, otherwise he will essentially lose face.”

Lindy Minnema is certain: “Geert Wilders is really for the Netherlands, and I see that again and again, and so far I have not been disappointed.” She understands well that he had to agree. “That is necessary to work together.”

Why car company owner Rob Veerbeek voted for the PVV? “Mainly because of migration and because we have to stop spending billions on climate.” Veerbeek understands that Wilders is now putting some things on hold for a new cabinet, but it is a problem. “He has become the largest party in the Netherlands. That does not mean that everything he has in his program is good, but why does he have to compromise so much? I think that is not right.”

49 percent: too many conflicts

A poll by RTL News among PVV voters shows that many people think like Rob. Half of the 4,300 PVV voters in the survey (49 percent) think that Wilders has had too many discussions. Although there is also understanding: most find them acceptable in themselves.

Wilders has distanced himself from several of his presence in recent weeks. For example, he no longer advocates a Nexit, he has included the proposal to detain terror suspects without judicial intervention, he no longer wants a ban on Islamic expressions, such as Qurans and mosques, and he has proposed minimum sentences for harmful incorrectly withdrawn.

Most PVV voters have difficulty with that last point: 60 percent of them find it unacceptable. The withdrawal of his proposal to deprive people with double passports of the right to vote also did not sit well with many PVV members: 47 percent find it unacceptable.

Concessions that Wilders recently made:

  • Recognize Islam as a religion
  • Proposal to drop obstacle on dual passport office holders
  • No longer for Nexit advocates
  • Proposal to detain terror suspects without court intervention included
  • Proposal for bans on Islamic expressions, such as Qurans and mosques, withdrawn
  • Relinquished premiership
  • Articles 1 to 23 should not be constitutionally amended
  • Proposal to deprive people with double passports of their right to vote withdrawn
  • Do support military and financial aid to Ukraine
  • Proposal for minimum sentences for serious crimes withdrawn
  • Against a wet wireless those animals would be given more freedoms

No longer contributes

Two-thirds of PVV voters believe that Wilders should no longer convene. Rob says that too. “He can’t continue with that,” he says firmly. “Then he loses face. And Wilders becomes unbelievable.” He therefore thinks it is good that Wilders walked away from the formation table last Monday because he did not agree with the migration package that was on the table.

Rob Veerbeek thinks it is good that Wilders left the formation last week.
Rob Veerbeek thinks it is good that Wilders left the formation last week.

Lindy Minnema also thinks it is good that Wilders is standing his ground. “He has done enough. It is now done. He has enough. Other parties with whom he is negotiating also have to compromise.”

Many other PVV voters on the panel also believe that other parties should only do so. “Why does he have to do everything that the others think is better?”, one panelist wonders. “Why not the other way around? We coded on Wilders and for good reason.”

Another panel member says that Wilders should stop giving away. “People modified on him precisely because of those commitments.”

Wilder’s action during the negotiations not only renounced certain acceptances, he also renounced the premiership. 52 percent of PVV voters find this unacceptable. Lindy also found that jammer. “I’m convinced he committed this act,” she says. “I would have liked to see him as prime minister.”

Because Wilders will not be, Lindy thinks Mona Keijzer is a good alternative. Rob would also like to see her as a premiere.

Despite the conversations – and all the fuss about his tweets – confidence in PVV leader Wilders remains low. 97 percent of PVV voters have confidence in him. Lindy and Rob’s confidence in Wilders also remains high. “‘When elections come, I will vote for him again.”

PVV voters find the cause chronic, but the real problem, according to Gijs Rademaker, pollster for RTL Nieuws, is that the party has to ‘give away’ so much. “The pain is mainly in the multitude of all those consequences, for months now. In combination with the feeling that the other parts are almost giving something away.”

Confidence high

Rademaker sees that the contributor has no impact on the confidence in Wilders among his supporters. “The confidence of the supporters in him remains sky-high, as always. The 97 percent of PVV voters who have confidence in him is a normal percentage for Wilders,” says Rademaker.

“Even when we ask people because all those components are considering a different party next time, only 3 percent say they will do so. PVV voters have wanted a right-wing cabinet for years, and even though negotiations are now difficult, that road to such a thing” For many, a cabinet runs through Wilders and not through anyone else.”

‘Wilder’s behavior causes discomfort to other parties’

“After a campaign in which Wilders tried to appear milder, he is now going full on the organ again,” says political reporter Fons Lambie. “Walking away from the table, harsh tweets. It causes irritation and discomfort to other parties. Does he want to remain visible to his supporters? Or is he preparing for a break? The possible conversations in the double weeks, specifically about migration and finance, be determined. But as one person involved said: whatever comes out of this, it will not be stable.”


The survey will be conducted on April 16 and 17 among almost 20,000 members of the RTL News Panel, including more than 4,300 PVV voters. The research is a weighting representative of five variables, namely: age, gender, education, employment and political preference. The RTL News Panel has more than 43,000 members.

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