F1 mechanic hit by wheel falling off car during Chinese GP in terrifying scenes

Footage captured the moment a Formula 1 mechanic was hit by a wheel that came loose from Pierre Gasly’s car after a pit stop whistle.

The Frenchman stopped for his first tire change of the race just a dozen laps before the Chinese Grand Prix, but things took a turn for the worse when one of his tires was not properly secured to his Alpine racer, the Mirror reports.

The accident almost ended in disaster when the band attempted to gain freedom and crashed into one of its pit crew, sending the poor guy flying. His colleagues quickly took action and wrestled the rogue steering wheel back onto the car.

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Miraculously, the mechanic seemed to escape serious injury. The wheel was eventually secured in place, but not before the pit stop lasted almost twenty seconds, causing Gasly to drop down the pecking order and eventually finish thirteenth.

After the race, the stewards were hasty, ready to investigate the blunder with the possibility of a hefty penalty on the cards. Teams often get a slap on the wrist for releasing a car in an unreliable condition, especially if the wheels aren’t properly secured.