Paris Hilton shows off fit figure as “Cowboy Barbie” at Coachella

Paris Hilton is exuding a ‘Cowboy Core’ vibe at Coachella. In a new social media post, the reality star shows off her flat abs in a swimsuit and cowboy boots, kicking off the annual music festival. “Barbie does #Coachella ✨🤠✨ #That’s hot 🔥,” she captioned the Instagram post. How does the 43-year-old keep herself looking forever young? Here are her top five tips for diet, fitness and self-care.

Paris understands the importance of resting. “Sleep is so important,” the heiress explained Good+Good. “I notice such a big difference from when I had nightmares and couldn’t sleep, because it would affect my whole day and I would be exhausted and not in a good mood. When I do sleep (well), I feel awake and energetic and happy and in a much better mood.” She worked out to the Wall Street Journal that she used to suffer from “very bad insomnia” but that after “healing” her nightmares ended. “I probably need eight to 10 hours of sleep to feel really good the next day. My hours have changed so much; I was up so late at night and traveling 250 days a year and doing sets very late at night , so I woke up much later,” she said.

Paris recommends eating a big breakfast. “I get up around 7am, it’s the first day of the week, so I like to be on top of everything because I have so much to do. The first thing I do when I wake up is play with my puppies… Then I go into the kitchen and make breakfast for my puppies and myself,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “I love making breakfast. It’s one of my favorite meals. One of my favorite things to cook is French toast with bananas, so with freshly squeezed orange juice and Rice Krispies or Lucky Charms. It’s my favorite breakfast.”


Paris is a fan of taking supplements to get all the nutrients she needs. “I like to take vitamins A, E and B, and biotin,” she told the Wall Street Journal.

If you’re not a fan of gyms, go outside, Paris recommends. “I’ve never been a gym person,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “My training used to be just dancing, being a DJ and going out at night and going to music festivals and stuff like that. But now that the world is in lockdown, it’s obviously different. So I like to do things that are fun, just outside ; I go for walks with my dogs, play tennis, swim, surf, go horseback riding, basically just go outside or shop.

Self-care is key, says Paris. “I don’t really have a lot of free time, but when I do, I want to spend it all with my family. Taking Phoenix to the park and just hanging out with him around the house, the puppies and my husband. I love hanging out with them to sit and play games and read books. My sister always says you don’t want to miss those moments. All my free time, that’s what I do. And then also my music and my art and cooking and just with my husband and my his son,” she said Us.