Charleston farmer arrested for assault

MATTOON – An Easter procession, “The Dawning,” was presented Sunday evening at the Methodist Episcopal Church. The character of the play was appropriate to the times and the characters were all representative of those associated with Christ’s resurrection from the grave. The pageant was well presented, well staged and well directed, with Miss Mignon Miller, the director, working hard over the past few weeks to get the characters ready… MATTOON — The YMCA’s spring membership campaign was formally inaugurated this morning with two front runners, each with five teams active in the field. RI Nesbit, leader of the Reds, had a score of 33 new members announced at the head office in the association building at 12 noon. John Barth has added 11 new members, for starters. There is a goal of 400 men, new and renewals, that has been set…MATTOON — The triangular track meet, held Saturday afternoon at Peterson Park by the Mattoon, Neoga and Tuscola high schools, was won by the Mattoon team . At the end of the match, Mattoon had 60 1/2 points, Neoga had 26 2-3, while Tuscola had 26. The meet proved to be an easy task for Mattoon, whose athletics show they are in good shape for the upcoming district meet in Charleston on May 10… CHARLESTON – Perry Stamper, a farmer who lived six miles south of Charleston, was held under a bond of $2,000 pending the action of the grand jury of the court, on the charge of assaulting Harry E. McPheron, a neighboring farmer, with intent to kill. It is said that Stamper struck McPheron on the back of the head with a large rock, causing a three to five inch gash, and additionally hit him on the head with a large club, when McPheron lay on the ground from the consequences from the blow. of the stone. It is said that the sight of one eye was destroyed. The men had gotten into an argument over McPheron’s removal of farm equipment from the Stamper farm.

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MATTOON —Five students and one parent asked the Mattoon school board Tuesday to appoint Sgt. 1st Class Jay Flores as Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps instructor and drill team coach. They were supported by about 30 more people who attended the rally to show their support for Flores. Flores resigned last year to take another position in Texas. His successor, Tom Wright, recently resigned to take a position outside the school district. Flores has apparently told friends in the area that he would like to return. Superintendent Richard Berg said school policy prohibits any comment, even to confirm that someone has applied for a position. Jason Black, student, said Flores’ achievements should outweigh any “personal vendetta” against Flores because Flores is the most qualified candidate… GAY – A gay teen has been reported missing since last Wednesday, when her mother said she had left the adult education center and was apparently dropped off in St. Louis. April Kimery, 17, was last seen wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a green corduroy jacket…SHELBYVILLE – Two of the five people charged in the March 5 Shelby County drug bust have been released from jail . Brian Boomer, 32, and Corinna Songer, 34, are out of jail and awaiting their jury trial. Their bonds were set at $50,000 and $100,000 respectively. They paid 10 percent of the bail to be released. Boomer and Songer were charged with possession of methamphetamine and manufacturing a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges and are awaiting jury trials next month.

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