Piston Slap: Mark My Words on Aftermarket Chrome Parts

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Karel writes:

Hello Sajeev,

I enjoy your contributions to Hagerty. I’m in Alberta, Canada, and I need to replace the driver and passenger side door handles on my 2008 Lincoln MKX. Where can I get compatible or used copies?

The silver is coming off on mine and my wife won’t drive the car. I tried twice on Amazon but the wrong items were shipped.

Sajeev answers:

Your Lincoln Mark MKX– shares door handles from the Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Lincoln MKZ and probably more Ford products. What was wrong with Amazon’s? Did they look good and just not fit right?

Karel answers:

Thanks for the response, Amazon did not have the interior handles for the driver and passenger.

Sajeev concludes:

Ah, that reduces the problem: door handles on the inside, not on the outside! That changes everything, as the MKX doesn’t share door handles with the Ford cars I mentioned. Instead, they swap out with the Edge SUV, Ford’s sister ship.

Evan Fischer

From what I see online, part number SET-REPF462185C will get you a pair of aftermarket door handles that work. If you bought these and they don’t fit, try from another supplier using the Google search I made in the link above. Using eBay can also help. But what if that’s not the case?

Buy them used, either from a junkyard in Canada or from a used parts seller on eBay. It looks like the handles on the rear doors have been swapped, so you can probably buy a set of (barely used) rear doors and slap them forward. There’s another benefit to buying used door handles from the rear doors of a MKX or Edge, and that’s worth some bonus content.

Bonus! A Piston Slap Nugget of wisdom


Let’s talk quality, because I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve preferred buying used OEM parts over new aftermarket parts. There’s a chance that the quality of new aftermarket bits is just as good as their factory counterparts, since I once bought a Duralast switch (Autozone’s house brand) to replace a Motorcraft (Ford) part in the box. find. But that is the outlier in a general trend.

Low prices are often there for a good reason. And these aftermarket Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX door handles remind me of the quality issues present in aftermarket replacement chrome grilles for modern cars and trucks. This chrome-plasticy bits rarely last as long as the factory chrome grilles. (Not that the factory stuff lasts long enough, as manufacturers say don’t make them like they used to in this respect.)

It’s hard to know for sure, but for body parts like door handles, I refer to my experience with aftermarket chrome grilles. If you go to a local junkyard, you’ll likely get a set of OEM Ford door handles (from the rear doors of a Ford Edge) for the same price as the aftermarket replacements mentioned above. And that money can be better spent, because they will probably last longer.

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