Yesterday’s pro-Palestinian march in Chicago – Why evolution is true

I suppose this counts as the nature of readers today, since we are dealing with the primate H. sapiens. We have videos and photos from a demonstration in Chicago.

Yesterday, my colleague Peggy Mason (like me, an atheist Jew) went into town to pick up her repaired watch, and came across a huge pro-Palestinian demonstration around Michigan Avenue. These protests took place across America yesterday, perhaps in solidarity with the so-called protesters who squatted, snacked, and shouted on the campus of Columbia University (see this morning’s Hili Dialogue and the tweets below). I’ll first show two videos taken by Peggy and then add a group of her photos. First her words:

This is beyond anything I ever thought I would see in my life. I was in town today and there was a huge pro-Palestinian march on Michigan Avenue. The huge police presence also surrounded them. Signs included anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, which is clearly not true here, in London or anywhere else. Next to that sign was a throwback to the Elders of Zion: “Their god is CAPITAL and God is our Witness.”

The people in the march seemed quite pleased with themselves. There was no opposition to them. Tourists ignored them. I had no idea what I could do as a single person. I did nothing but take pictures for Jerry. I just don’t see how we get back to compassion and civility.

And two videos. First, the police keep the demonstrators under tight control.

More screaming. I can’t make out the words outside of “Genocide Joe,” but readers can help with that and other chants.

And some photos. In the first case, note the claim that anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism, which is of course an excuse for being anti-Semitic. In any case, I disagree with the slogan: to oppose an established country that has now been formed as a homeland for Jews expelled or demonized elsewhere, and long after the Holocaust necessitated its existence, means that you find that the country should not exist. that it should be eliminated (and perhaps merged with Palestine, with dire consequences), or that the Jews should be deported from Israel. Either way, it’s anti-Semitic, so these protesters are outright making a false statement.

Notice the blood libel here: the sign that says, “Their God is Capital, and God is our witness.” That’s just the old claim that Jews worship money, and it’s a poster I hadn’t seen yet. Things like this, combined with things like the London police chasing away people who look “overtly Jewish” (see this morning’s Hili Dialogue), makes me believe that the protests are moving from anti-Israel to anti-Israel. semitic. Also note the poster ‘From the river to the sea’.

Various other photos of Peggy:

This boy is doomed to be propagandized:

Of course, I am not denying these people the right to demonstrate and say what they want. (I’m pretty sure they had a permit.) What I’m saying is that their speech is both hateful and frightening, and not a good omen for the Jews.

These people really want Israel to disappear, to be wiped off the map – by “any means necessary”. And the nature of chants and slogans is changing. As I said this morning, in Columbia you hear things like, “Remember October 7” (and they’re happy about that), followed by “Ten thousand times.” They are happy about the October 7 attack and want it to happen again and again! It is no coincidence that this is exactly what Hamas says. I can’t help but feel, and it gives me goosebumps, that many of these protesters think Hamas did something good on October 7. After all, they say they are not real “citizens” in Israel, and apparently that includes babies, who are just young settlers.

You will not convince me that all these people want is a peaceful and terror-free coexistence between Israelis and Arabs. They are in favor of getting rid of Israel, and you know what that means. Meanwhile, things heated up in Columbia last night and this morning and the slogans appear to be in Arabic. Some tweets:

I’m not sure, as the tweet below claims, that all the people in the video are “terrorists or “openly support terror,” which seems very hyperbolic. I’m posting the first tweet just to show you how academia has become ideology.

Look at the epithets hurled at the rabbi and the Jewish students as they are followed off campus. Click the button, but read the swear words at the bottom of the screen. They are clearly anti-Semitic, for example ‘Go back to Poland’. And the second tweet points to Jews as ‘targets’. What else could that mean?