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Ike Hempstead, an artist who helped create the show at the Durand-Hedden house.

Durand-Hedden House and Garden recently hosted Columbia High School’s Accomplishing Artists exhibit and reception in their carriage house.

Lisa Marinardi, events coordinator for Durand-Hedden House and Garden, said, “Ike was great putting it all together, in addition to being an artist.”

Ike Hempstead, an 18-year-old senior at Columbia, rallied the high school artists to make it happen: “It was hard,” he said. “Every student is busy now.” Yet he did not want to miss a great opportunity to ‘let artists shine’.

He is the president and founder of the CHS Accomplishing Artists collective, a club advised by AP Art History teacher Kandice Stewart.

The collective consists of students with different art experiences, but also of students who act as art practitioners and promoters. He mainly works with glass, wood and…

Siena Andreini, 17, works primarily with ceramics and says Ms. Stewart inspired her to get started.

Ezra Kaminsky, 16, has a focus on charcoal and oil pastel. He says he is inspired by people around him, such as his brother who studies philosophy. “The burning of knowledge,” Ezra said. He draws, unintentionally, from everywhere and refers to cubism, surrealism and Picasso-esque texture work.

Sheila Holtschneider, 17, had a small crochet display on display, but was mainly there to support her friends. She took up crocheting during the pandemic and started making hats and animals for friends. The artist plans to study animation and says she has been painting and drawing since she could hold a pencil as a little girl.

Siena Andreini creates art in ceramics.

Ometh Vithana, 18, was there as an art handler – someone who helps transport the art to and from the gallery – and had a spoon ring jewelry on display. He has been making jewelry for the past two years, finding something in a vintage store and turning it into something else.

Corinne Jin-Hendel, 18, is primarily a painter who works in oil, guache and acrylic paint. Two years ago she started taking her art seriously. She is inspired by impressionists and collage artists. She recreates other styles throughout history.

Other Columbia High School artists who had work in the exhibit include painter Jordan Kinley; Sam Taber-Kewene, who paints oil on canvas; Aster Gosselink, who works primarily with clay, metal and found objects to create sculptural portraits; Director Deeble Jackson, who works primarily with acrylic paint but also enjoys oil painting and mixed media projects; Ravi Vivian Kurland, founding member of the CHS Accomplishing Artists club; and Ciara Navan, a mixed media artist.

Durand-Hedden House is located at 523 Ridgewood Road in Grasmere Park in Maplewood. Visit their website for more information:

Corinne Jin-Headel, a student at Columbia High School who only started painting seriously two years ago.
Art history teacher Kandice Stewart.