Hotel in Zevenbergen evacuated after four kitchen employees became unwell

Emergency services at the hotel

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A hotel in Zevenbergen in North Brabant was evacuated after four employees became unwell. Because it was not clear what was going on, the emergency services were called, Omroep Brabant reports.

The four employees of the kitchen of the Fletcher Hotel did not spread out well during the evening. The emergency services were therefore called around 9 p.m. An ambulance and the fire brigade then arrived on the scene. As a precaution, it was decided that the hotel’s 120 guests would be accommodated in coaches on site.

Because people had varying complaints, the cause could not be clearly determined, an official from the safety region told the regional broadcaster. “It could have been a gas leak, carbon monoxide, food poisoning or something in the ventilation system.”

No toxic substances were detected during measurements. In the end it was about something completely different. “It turned out to be some kind of virus that had been circulating among staff in the hotel for some time,” the evidence said. “Now it involved four people working in the kitchen at the same time.”

Hotel guests were able to return inside around 10:30 p.m. The hotel did not want to respond to Omroep Brabant.