“That Act China”: Mass Doping Suspected in China – WADA Acts Not

Status: 04/21/2024 3:14 PM

For 23 Chinese Spitzenschwimmer blieben im Jahr 2021 positive Doping probes followed – weil die Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur WADA nicht gehandelde. Three affected athletes were affected by the possible Vertuschungsfall in the Tokyo Olympiasieger.

Von Hajo Seppelt, Nick Butler, Lea Löffler and Jörg Mebus

The Investigation of the ARD Doping Reaction and the “New York Times“führt direkt ins Reich der Mitte: Es geht um dubiose Vorgänge rund um einen nationalen Wettkampf in China Anfang 2021, bei dem gleich 23 Spitzen-Schwimmerinnen und -Schwimmer positively testedet. And um a possible Vertuschungsaktion, both of the World-Anti- Doping Agents are available.

Despite the fact that there is a secret document, information about the Chinese Ministerial for Public Safety, it is important that no one knows about the largest Doping Suspects of the Sports History.

This is your exciting “China Act”, which gives the title to the ARD film from the series “Secret Doping”. The Documentation and the History of the World, the World Sports and the Summer Olympic Games in Paris are also part of the Atem. They are responsible for the competition for sports and tax on WADA legislation.

“Messer im Rücken sauberer Athleten”

Travis Tygart, Chief of the US Anti-Doping Agency, spoke “shocking enthüllungen”, von einem “Messer in the back of all sauberen Athletes”. Der Fall rieche “after Vertuschung auf den höchsten Ebenen der Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur”.

David Howman, the former WADA General Director, head of the Kampf für Sauberen Sport nachhaltig Damen nimmt: “It’s a good experience. After all, you’re lost, you’ll soon leave with the reputation of your organization. After all, it’s true that there’s a tragedy for WADA.”

Der Reihe nach: Im September 2023 bekam die ARD-Dopingredaktion den 31-seitigen Untersuchungsbericht zugespielt. Verfasst was there by the Chinese Anti-Doping Agency CHINADA. If untersuchende Behörde wurde aber das Ministerium für Öffentliche Sicherheit angegeben, an Arm der Staatlichen Überwachung. ARD and “New York Times” are the documents to verify more documents.

Superstars concerned

This message was followed by 23 of the best Chinese Schwimmerinnen und Schwimmer bei dem Wettkampf in Shijiazhuang positively tested. This was the report of the future Doppel-Olympiasiegerin Zhang Yufei, who will celebrate in Tokyo Wang Shuan and Yang Junxuan as well as Qin Haiyang, of the Weltschwimmer des Jahres 2023. For all Qin and Zhang Yufei, who serve as the Mitglied des Nationalen Volkskongresses and political ambitions , since in China Superstars.

Josef Opfermann, Sportschau, 20.04.2024 12:21 PM

Affected by positive tests were possible in 2021 with three dams as minor athletes. 13 of 23 positive Tested starters in Summer 2021 at the Olympia and winnowed in Tokyo Medals in nice wet conditions (three gold, two silver).

Trimetazidin – wie bei Walijewa

Gefunden wurde immer dieselbe Substanz: Trimetazidin, das verbotene Herzmittel, das 2021 Kamila Walijewa zum Verhängnis zijn war.

The Russian Eiskunstlauf-Wunderkind, since 15 years already, was followed by a Sportjustiz-Marathon for four years – which 2021 is not the last time the Chinese Schwimmer must be responsible.

Spuren an Dunstabzug, Gewürzcontainern, Abfluss

This message will follow these positive results. In a hotel kitchen in Shijiazhuang you can buy the same kind of athletes in Essen. From this report, it is more important to have more money as well as to have a good experience with the kitchen and to consume the trimmings in the sand, and also in the well-founded containers.

Beweis für ihre Behauptungen legen legen de Chineseen in dem Dokument nicht vor. You can also understand that your person is happy in the hotel kitchen that provides the necessary medical treatment for you. They are proud of it, that is the best way to improve their performance: for the Gewürzcontainer in Pfanne oder Kochtopf – and of their strength in the Mahlzeiten der Athleten.

Jedenfalls sei das Dopingmittel ohne deren Wisen in deren Körper gelangt. Die Sportler, so die Forderung der Chineseen, seien nie nicht zu zu best interests. That WADA accepts that everything is safe. Eine unabhängige Untersuchung vor Ort veranlasste sie nicht.

WADA: “Keine Grundlage”, CHINADA-Entscheid anzufechten

The WADA content with ARD-Anfrage mit, sie habe on Basis der Analyzedaten “little Grundlage” said, that one “Acknowledgements of the Kontamination anzufechten”. You see that below the other side “low-minded considerations” und “swanking Werte” in the doping probe. Die WADA sagt, sie habe sich an ihr Regelwerk contents.

That CHINADA statement, that’s it “small anti-doping effort” previous homes and some handy files are available.

The Welt-Schwimm-Verband teilte mit, er sei “zur Verschwiegenheit verpflichtet”. Die Vorgänge seien “sorry and professional” to be tolerated, but that is not the case with other people.

The WADA did not go beyond the Frage ein, but the restaurant in the hotel kitchen was not realistic. Clear your statement, because WADA in China has not received any detailed assessments and information on the basis of the CHINADA Reports and has received adequate information.

“Extreme unwahrscheinlich”

The Chinese Untersuchungsbericht liest sich weitgehend wie a perfect aufgereihte Kausalkette fuller clearschaftlich more logical Schlussfolgerungen. This information contains the following information: “Aber das heißt natürlich nicht nicht, dass es so gewesen sein muss”it said.

Take care of the results of the ARD Doping Review that Chinese Angaben experiments will be carried out. Please take care of various experiments before you stop “extremely unsightly”that’s the honor you wrote in the message: “These developments, which have been founded by Labor in China, could be taken into account in their own right, so that the Doping Mittel would be spread throughout the week.”

These positive results were taken into account during the last months of the Covid-19 outbreak, which will be corrected in the official ADAMS reporting system of WADA in March 2021. You should report your findings regarding the internal Chinese investigation statute. On the basis of these words, the written text of the open objects of the falls and the relief of a special barrier are avoided.

“WADA is keen to intervene”

So according to Schwimmer at the end of April, it is unbehelligt in the Chinese Olympia-Ausscheidungen part. In June it was decided that the athletes could start full free training so that they could start at the Olympia in Tokyo. The WADA was informed about this Entscheidung – and the information was obtained. The fall was not officially authorized. If you don’t know what to expect, because the Schwimmer von dem Wettkampf, if they were tested positively, they would be disqualified.

The renowned sports judge Thomas Summerer is the official reviewer of the anti-doping authorities. “There is a hand in the hand, this is an anti-doping policy, and so the man who is treated several times by the Chinese anti-doping agent”, Summerer said. Vorläufige Sperren, Annullierung der Ergebnisse, Veröffentlichung des Falles – nichts von alledem, was Summerer für obligatorisch hält, ist geschehen. “The WADA as the highest Kontrollgremium in Weltsport hätte intervenieren müssen, dammit more Light ins Dunkel come”Summerer said.