Severe weather and tornadoes are expected to increase as the dangerous pattern develops across the US

Severe weather season is heating up, with a volatile weather pattern fueling damaging thunderstorms and tornadoes in more than a dozen states as we move into May. So far in 2021, there have been more than 315 preliminary tornado reports in the United States, with deadly tornadoes hitting Ohio in March and a recent spate of tornadoes in the Central Plains. AccuWeather’s initial tornado season forecast from March predicted a higher number of tornadoes in May compared to historical averages, and this forecast is now coming true in terms of both timing and location.

AccuWeather experts expect a very active weather period beginning in late April, with a major storm system from the Pacific Ocean expected to cause severe weather outbreaks in the Plains between April 26 and 29. The combination of warm, moist air from the Gulf and the Caribbean with this intense storm system will likely lead to several periods of severe weather, including tornadoes. As we transition into May, the dangerous weather pattern is expected to continue, making for a volatile start to the month.

During the first half of May, the focus of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes will likely be on the central portion of the country, including Tornado Alley cities like Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City, Kansas City and St. Louis. As we move into the second half of the month, the risk for severe storms and tornadoes will shift eastward and spread into the Tennessee Valley, southern Appalachians and parts of the Southeast. Other areas, such as the Northeast and the Ohio Valley, should also be prepared for potentially damaging storms during this time.

The period from April to June typically sees a high frequency of tornadoes, with the month of May recording the highest number of tornado reports ever. Data from the Storm Prediction Center shows that May 25 has historically been the day when the most tornado touchdowns occurred, with 649 tornadoes reported on that date between 1950 and 2020. Although tornado activity tends to occur in late spring and early summer peaks, tornadoes can occur at any time. day of the year when the right conditions exist.

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