Crews take quick action to extinguish a hurricane camper fire

Crews responded to an RV fire in Hurricane City Saturday afternoon, leaving one with minor burns.

Hurricane Valley Fire & Rescue officials said units responded to a fire involving a camper, another trailer and other unspecified objects on April 20 at 1 p.m.

The fire spread quickly and had reached a quarter of an acre when firefighters arrived on scene.

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The fire brigade quickly arrived on site to get the situation under control and extinguish the flames.

When all was said and done, officials reported that one person suffered minor burns but refused medical treatment. No firefighters were injured.

Due to the remote location of this fire, hurricane fire crews had to transport water to the area.

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The origin and cause of the fire are still under investigation.

Seven HVF&R crews responded to the incident, along with officers from the Hurricane City Police Department.