Request for release of rapist Dutch tourist in New Zealand mentioned for eighth time | Abroad

A New Zealand man who died in 2006 and raped a Dutch tourist will remain in custody for at least another year. Media in New Zealand alternately said on Saturday that his request for release was joint for the eighth time since 2017.

The victim was on their honeymoon on New Zealand’s gigantic island with her husband. The Dutch couple was standing with a camper at the Haruru waterfalls when two men posing as police officers entered the vehicle. The two threatened the Dutch with a firearm and their own money. They also forced the woman to take tranquilizer tablets before raping her.

The pair were also forced to withdraw money from various ATMs in the region. After two days the Dutch were played in a meadow. Ten days later the two men were arrested.

Drug use

The main suspect – Keith Anthony McEwen – had just gotten out of prison when he was kidnapped by the Dutch. He received a minimum of ten years. McEwen was prepared to return to society, but a check last year revealed he had used methamphetamine, ecstasy and cannabis. He had also used drugs during the attack on the Dutch. That is why the judiciary does not consider it responsible to release him now.

His next chance is in April next year.