The municipality is in the orientation phase for reception of asylum seekers

Sat April 20, 2024, 9:04 PM

OUTPOST – The municipality of Achtkarspelen confirmed on Saturday evening that it is currently exploring various locations to receive asylum seekers. The municipality sent a press release on Saturday evening after local residents in Harkema protested against the possible future of asylum seekers at the Bolster.

“At this time, no decision has been made on a location for the number of asylum seekers to be accommodated.” this is how the municipality of Achtkarspelen divides.

The reason is a motive

The search for locations is a result of the briefing by State Secretary Van den Burg and the motive of the municipal council on January 25 last. In this motion, the municipal council calls on the council to repeatedly look and continue to look for small-scale shelters in the municipality, as long as necessary to relieve the burden on the AZC in Ter Apel.

Achtkarspelen is one of the four Frisian municipalities that do not yet receive asylum seekers. “The city council wants to take its responsibility.” according to the municipality of Achtkarspelen. Small-scale reception also means that a large asylum seeker center is not necessary.

Small-scale shelter

The municipal council goes on to say that this is a small-scale shelter. Especially because this is better past the size of the villages. Which ones are massively sustainable depends on the location.

“We understand that the situation is not supported by our users,” says Mayor Oebele Brouwer. “If we’ve done it right, people will know it’s an important goal.” Naturally, the council will also inform the municipal council and include it in the process.