A Day of Reflection – WBOTV Local News for Richmond, Kentucky

By R. David Shew

Certain things make you want to cry. Other things bring back wonderful memories. And some things can make you sad. Friday was one of those days.

A friend from high school asked me and another high school friend to serve as pallbearers at her father’s funeral. I prefer to think of this day as a “Celebration of Life” service or a “Day of Reflection.”

The friend’s granddaughter spoke, stating that her grandfather was the “last member of his generation and their family” to pass away. This statement resonated with me all day.

Gone was the wisdom of his life shared with family and friends. Gone was the free spirit of his life. Gone was the smile of a great-grandson playing with his great-grandfather. Gone was the joy of a granddaughter watching her grandfather dance across the dance floor. However, the memories remain.

At the cemetery, I was honored when a friend asked me to help hold the flag hanging over the casket as the wind blew across the field overlooking Eastern Kentucky University.

Two members of the Army Honor Guard were there to salute another veteran who had served to protect his country. A member of the Guard of Honor played Taps before the prayer ceremony at the cemetery. My high school friend said that every time he hears Taps play, tears come to his eyes because of his dad.

As the flag was folded by the two Honor Guard soldiers, wonderful memories of being fifth grade patrol boys with friends from elementary school came flooding back. Yes, it made me grateful for this memory.

When the flag was presented to the daughter as a gift of appreciation for his service to our country, it was truly a time to reflect on her father’s life in service to our country, his family, his business, his friends and his whole life. to live.

My friend was surrounded by her family all day. Their support showed the love they share through good times and bad.

Thank you for asking me to be part of this day to reflect on small town life.