US sends ‘up to 60’ additional military advisers to Ukraine – PJ Media

The Pentagon says the US will send more military advisers to Ukraine, along with the $61 billion in military aid approved by Congress on Saturday.

“Throughout this conflict, the DOD has reviewed and adjusted our presence in country as security conditions have evolved. We are currently considering sending several additional advisors to strengthen the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) at the embassy,” Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said in a statement to Politico. He added that “staff are subject to the same travel restrictions as all embassy employees.

The ODC assists Ukraine in a variety of support and advisory positions, exclusively in non-combat roles. They are attached to the embassy and are commanded by the head of mission.

In addition to logistical support, the advisors will help the Ukrainian army with weapons maintenance and monitor where those weapons end up. Previous shipments of US weapons have occasionally been diverted to less savory groups, such as criminal gangs, who sell them to anyone, including terrorists and jihadists.

The question of how many advisers will be sent is still being decided, but Pentagon sources told Politico that “up to 60” advisers will be sent.

Biden has pledged that US troops will not serve in combat roles. We’ve heard that before. The temptation to assist Ukraine in its attempt to regain the initiative against Russian forces will be great.


Ukraine has called for more artillery, air defenses, long-range missiles and fighter jets, which front troops and leading politicians say would help the Ukrainians break Russian lines and hold their positions.

The news that the US is sending additional troops to Ukraine comes after senior officials warned last week that Russia is gaining momentum.

CIA Director Bill Burns said Ukraine could lose the war this year if Congress does not pass the aid package.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a speech to lawmakers: “We’re already seeing things on the battlefield starting to shift a little bit in Russia’s favor. We see them making incremental gains. We see that the Ukrainians are being challenged when it comes to holding the line.”

Any Russian gains are likely to increase because Moscow will intensify attacks before the bulk of the new crop of American weapons can reach the battlefield and make any difference.

Business insider:

The think tank, the Institute for the Study of War, said in an update on the conflict that Russia was now likely to intensify its attacks on Ukraine to make the most of “abnormally dry ground conditions in the spring and persistent Ukrainian equipment shortages” ahead of the new crisis. package.

“The now expected arrival of U.S. security assistance has likely emphasized these considerations for Russian forces,” the report said. “The Russian military command will likely intensify offensive operations and missile and drone attacks to pursue operationally significant effects that will certainly become more difficult to achieve against well-supplied Ukrainian forces.”

It added that Russia is likely to focus on areas where Ukrainian defenses appear relatively unstable or where they are close to achieving an “operationally important objective”, such as west of Avdiivka or near Khasiv Yar – both in the Donetsk – region.

A realistic goal for Ukraine — and one Biden should push for — is to stabilize the front lines in the East and try to regain territory in the North. At that point, Putin may be more open to a deal.

Trump could negotiate such a deal once he becomes president.