Calls for violence by anti-Israel activists continue in Columbia

Calls for violence and terrorism at the Columbia University camp protests continued to surface Sunday in images published by pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian activists.

“(Izz ad-Din) Al-Qassam (Brigades), make us proud, take out another soldier,” anti-Israel protesters chanted on Friday evening in a video published on social media by pro-Palestinian activist ThizzL. “We say justice, you say how? Burn down Tel Aviv. Go Hamas, we love you. We also support your missiles.”

On Wednesday, in another video published by ThizzL, activists called on Hamas’ military wing to “kill another soldier now.”

Protesters carrying banners protest in solidarity with pro-Palestinian organizers as they block a street, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, in New York City, US. April 18, 2024. (credit: CAITLIN OCHS/REUTERS)

During a speech streamed live by the Palestine Solidarity Working Group on Saturday evening, a protest leader said in a speech: “Let it be known that it was the Al-Aqsa deluge that put the global intifada back on the table. the sacrificial spirit of the Palestinian freedom fighters that will lead every struggle to victory in every corner of the earth.”

“Remember that militancy breeds resistance,” the speaker said. “Thousands and thousands of students around the world have been incited to revolt because of your militancy.”

Anti-Israel activists say Jewish students are Hamas’ ‘next target’

The Instagram account of the Jews of New York shared a video on Sunday showing a woman in a keffiyeh holding a sign that reads “al-Qassam’s next targets,” with an arrow pointing to counter-protesters fighting with Israeli and American flags waving.

Chabad Columbia shared Instagram stories late Saturday night about the same counter-protest, saying they could no longer be silent about what was happening on campus.

“Uncultured a**b****es,” the anti-Israel activists protested. ‘Go back to Europe. You have no culture. All you do is colonize.’

In another Instagram video, which showed a poster of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Secretary General Ahmad Sa’adat in the background, anti-Israel activists chanted: “Oh Hamas, our loved ones, strike, strike in Tel Aviv.”

As the counter-protesters returned to their dorms, the video from Students Supporting Israel Columbia showed them being taunted with calls of “Jews” and told to “go back to Poland.”

According to SSI, a Jewish counter-protester tried to stop activists from burning an Israeli flag. In another video, a Jewish student was splashed with water.

Within Our Lifetime leader Nerdeen Kiswani managed to enter the campus after her wedding despite it being reportedly on lockdown. Kiswani led the crowd in a chant in a video published by Students for Justice in Palestine Columbia, saying, “There is only one solution: the Intifada revolution.”

In a video published by the Palestinian Youth Movement NYC, they sang, “Zionism will fall, brick by brick, wall by wall, Israel will fall” and called them “American imperialists, number one terrorists.”

Uptown 4 Palestine published videos of activists proclaiming in Arabic: “From the water to the water (a reference to the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea), Palestine is Arab.” (The chant is an alternate version of the chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”)