Oldest Men’s Senior Baseball League player honors surgeon who saved his career

The oldest player of the Men’s Senior Baseball League took the field today, but almost didn’t make it there.

86-year-old Bruce Jaslow, who has won more than 15 championships in the league, suffered a rotator cuff injury 20 years ago.

His surgeon, Dr. Nick Scaglione, performed two surgeries that Jaslow said extended his career by 10 or 15 years. Scaglione is chairman of Northwell Health’s Department of Orthopedics.

Jaslow invited Dr. Scaglione is out today as a gesture for the opening game of the season.

Scaglione sees his progress as a testament to the human spirit.

“To be able to work with a patient who is motivated to come back, it makes my day,” Scaglione said.

Jaslow says he has been playing the game since he was twelve years old.