Connecting capital and cultivating loyalty

Douala, Cameroon – Air Peace, the Nigerian airline known for its commitment to safety and service, is spreading its wings further across the African continent. In a strategic move, the airline has unveiled new routes connecting key cities in Cameroon, strengthening its presence and improving regional connectivity.

New routes: bridging countries

  1. Route Lagos-Douala:

    • Air Peace now offers direct flights between Lagos, Nigeria’s vibrant economic hub, and Douala, Cameroon’s largest city. This route has a length of approx 755 kilometers and promises a seamless connection between the two nations.
    • Travelers can expect a flight time of approx 2 hours and 30 minutesmaking it an efficient choice for both business and leisure travelers.

  2. Abuja-Yaoundé route:

    • The airline has also provided a vital link between Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and Yaoundé, the political heart of Cameroon. These two cities share historical ties and cultural exchanges, and the new route strengthens their relationship.
    • Air peace will operate three weekly flights on this route, offering travelers flexibility. Flights are scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  3. Expanding horizons:

    • In addition to these initial routes, Air Peace has ambitious plans. The airline’s visionary CEO, Allen Onyemaforesees further expansion to other major Cameroonian cities including Bafoussam And Garoua. These additions will improve regional connectivity and promote economic ties.

“Peace Benefit”: A Loyalty Building Initiative

Air Peace is not content with merely connecting cities; it aims to cultivate loyalty among its passengers. The airline plans to… “Peace Benefit” program, a customer-focused initiative designed to reward frequent flyers.

  1. How it works:

    • Passengers who choose Air Peace for their travel earn points based on their travel frequency and ticket class.
    • These points can be redeemed for a variety of benefits, including priority boarding, additional baggage allowance and exclusive lounge access.

  2. Build trust and commitment:

    • “Peace Advantage” underlines the airline’s commitment to its passengers. By recognizing and rewarding loyalty, Air Peace strives for lasting relationships with its customers.
    • Whether it is a business traveler commuting between Abuja and Yaoundé or a tourist exploring the vibrant streets of Lagos and Douala, Air Peace aims to be their preferred choice.

As the sun rises over the Atlantic coast, Air Peace planes take flight, crossing borders and fostering connections. With every trip, the airline strengthens its mission: bringing people together, safely and with a touch of Nigerian warmth.