Baby rescued from womb of mother killed in Israeli attack in Gaza

The baby, who weighed 1.4 kg and was delivered via emergency caesarean section


A baby girl was delivered from the womb of a Palestinian who was killed along with her husband and daughter by an Israeli attack in the Gaza city of Rafah, where 19 people were killed overnight in intensified attacks, Palestinian health officials said.

The dead, who died in attacks on two houses, included 13 children from one family, they said.

The baby, who weighed 1.4 kg and was delivered by emergency caesarean section, was stable and gradually improving, said Mohammed Salama, a doctor who cared for her.

Her mother, Sabreen Al-Sakani, was thirty weeks pregnant.

The baby was placed in an incubator at a Rafah hospital with another child, with the words “The baby of the martyr Sabreen Al-Sakani” written on tape on her chest.

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Sakani’s young daughter Malak, who was killed in the strike, had wanted to name her new sister Rouh, which means spirit in Arabic, her uncle Rami Al-Sheikh said. “The little girl Malak was happy that her sister came into the world,” he said.

The baby would stay in the hospital for three to four weeks, said Salama, the doctor. “Then we will see if she leaves, and where this child will go, to the family, to the uncle or aunt or grandparents. This is the greatest tragedy. Even if this child survives, she was born an orphan,” he said. .

According to Palestinian health officials, the 13 children were killed in an attack on the second house, which belonged to the Abdel Aal family. Two women were also killed during that strike.

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Asked about the casualties in Rafah, an Israeli military spokesman said several militant targets in Gaza were hit, including military complexes, launch points and armed people.

“Did you see one man among all the dead?” said Saqr Abdel Aal, a Palestinian man whose family was among the dead, mourning the body of a child in a white shroud.

“They’re all women and children,” he said. “My entire identity has been wiped away, with my wife, children and everyone.”