Cyclist crosses the A16 and is hit by a car

A cyclist was hit by a car on the A16 near Zevenbergschen Hoek on Sunday afternoon. The cyclist wanted to cross the road from the emergency lane. The accident happened around four o’clock at the Klaverpolder junction.

Profile photo of Freek van der Venne

“The cyclist is lucky that he can live to tell the story of his action,” Rijkswaterstaat said. The cyclist wanted to cross the four lanes, but the car could no longer avoid the man. The blow must have been serious: the car’s windshield was broken and the hood was also damaged.

The cyclist is taken to hospital unhindered. According to an authentic police report, the man was approachable. The occupants of the car escaped unscathed.

The car has been towed away, says a reasonable person from Rijkswaterstaat. The accident closed one lane on the A16 towards Rotterdam. Traffic was delayed for about 25 minutes.

Police are still investigating why the man was driving on the highway. It is also not clear whether he will receive a fine for his action.

Photo: Road Inspector Robert/X.
Photo: Road Inspector Robert/X.

Other cyclists on the highway
It often happens that cyclists are spotted on the highway. A twenty-year-old man from Poland was picked off the A59 near Waalwijk last December when he was cycling without lights and in the opposite direction.

And in July, an eighteen-year-old cyclist was removed from the road in the middle of the night on the A2 between Den Bosch and Vught. The young man had a lot of alcohol behind him and had to pay a fine of 130 euros for his bike ride on the highway. An additional fine of sixty euros was imposed for cycling without lights.


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