A rollover truck crash closed Route 4 in Boscawen: look

BOSCAWEN, NH – Boscawen Police are investigating a truck rollover on Route 4 Saturday evening.

Just before midnight, Boscawen police and firefighters, as well as Franklin EMTs, were dispatched to the Harris Hill Connector roundabout on Route 4 for a crash. Capital Region Fire Dispatch reported the crash involved a pickup truck pulling a trailer.


“The operator is out of the vehicle,” the dispatcher said. “I’m not sure what was on the trailer.”

The road was immediately closed and Boscawen police advised firefighters to approach the accident from the Harris Hill side of the highway. Another officer went to North Main Street and King Street to close a portion of the roadway and direct traffic to Main Street.

After Boscawen firefighters arrived, they confirmed a truck was on its side and one patient was being checked.

News 603 posted this video on Facebook.

Boscawen Engine 1 also arrived to block traffic.

The pickup and trailer were registered in Massachusetts.

Firefighters cleared the scene while Franklin EMTs attended to the driver. The Franklin team returned to duty at 12:30 p.m. At 1 a.m., other firefighters left the scene.

News 603 posted a second video on Facebook.

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