Sterretje’s favorites: ‘I am a proud resident of Den Bosch’

Above Ton

Tony became known nationwide as Sterretje when he participated in the TV program Oh Oh Cherso in 2010. He met his girlfriend Ilvy during a obstacle course and then started dating her. Ilvy lived with Tony in The Hague for a year, but that didn’t work. “I always thought Den Bosch was a very beautiful and pleasant city. I already knew it through my booking agency Jan Vis, he occasionally called me ‘luggish’. Ilvy is from Den Bosch so I moved here. We got the key on September 15 and a month later we were already living there.” Tony lives near the Kruiskamp.

Recognized on the street

“I’ve been recognized on the street. Especially when I first moved here, many people recognized me in the Helftheuvel, for example. People wonder what I’m doing here. When I tell people that I moved for love, I get super nice reactions. People always say: ‘How nice and welcome!’. Of course I am a real Hageneese, but in The Hague we are much more stiff with each other and with new people. Here it is, so to speak: open the door and come in. You just don’t get people’s house keys, which is very nice.”

Proud resident

“My friends from The Hague sometimes tease me about being a defector. I’m fine with it, I’m a proud resident of Den Bosch. I was recently at the city office to get a new passport, which now also says Den Bosch. I’m proud of it.” Tony also admits that he faithfully buys his Bossche Bollen from Jan De Groot and the sausage rolls are discussed at Keilekker.

Lock master Koos

unknown, we already wrote about Tony, because he enforced lock master Koos and accidentally cut down the vase. existing you read that article. Swipe further for Tony’s favorites.

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