The Olympic Flame Scam: A Great Idea by Dr. Goebbels!


Brimming with national pride, the Greek media, backed by the country’s pompous authorities, do not miss the opportunity to present as evidence this veritable reenactment of a Nazi ceremony, namely the so-called “Olympic Flame Ceremony” in Olympia. of the greatness and historical continuity of the Greek nation. And with it the accessories, such as “the first Olympic torch” which, as we read, was handed over to the mayor of Marathon, “in a beautiful ceremony that included a symbolic torch relay from the historic Marathon starting line to the Marathon Run Museum.”

Significant detail, which is of course systematically ignored in silence, because it is considered… “a national secret”: this “first torch”, inspired by Goebbels and manufactured by Krupp, was lit in Olympia with a choreography that remains the same today by Hitler’s official director, the infamous Leni RiefenstaHl. It must be said that this “first torch” fell in difficult times in 1936, when Czech citizens stoned the German-speaking torchbearers as they passed through their country, because it was clear that the route they followed marked the contours of the great Third Reich, that would become a nightmarish reality four years later. Apparently these Czech citizens of 1936 knew in advance what the Greek media and the authorities of our poor country continue to ignore in 2024. This is why we have been waiting for decades for the moment when this flame will be irrevocably extinguished: simply because “the Olympic flame” is “a wonderful idea by Dr. Goebbels” is, as the full-page headline of the Greek daily Estia aptly stated in August 1936…

Which ancient ancestors, virgin priestesses, sacred flames and other tall tales are we talking about? All this nonsense that the entire Greek state and its political staff, including 9 out of 10 official intellectuals, have taught us to believe comes straight from the depths of the centuries, is only celebrating its… 88th anniversary! At the end of July 1936, shortly before the opening of the Olympic Games of triumphant Nazism in Berlin, Greek newspapers published articles with the usual patriotic and epicolyrical accents, in honor of Leni Riefenstahl and her “Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony”, of which here are a few edifying extracts :


“When Olympia woke up, when the sun rose behind the conical, green Mount Cronion and silvered the waters of the Kladeos and the Alpheus, the people who suffered under the scorching sun of the historic July 20, 1936 each took their place: some under the pines of the Cronion, others around the gates of the Place Coubertin. And they waited all night until the signal was given from Cronion Hill to begin the ceremony. Further on, in the morning, a wonderful woman – Leni Riefenstahl – had brought her film crew and staged the lighting of the Olympic flame herself at the starting line of the old stadium. She then demonstrated her genius as a director in the Temple of Hera. She took Pratsika and her schoolgirls with her and immediately made an actor of her cameraman – for Condylis, the first runner, had no intention of wearing the tight underpants that the ancients wore; she undressed him, turned him into a runner, lit dried herbs of the sacred Altis on the improvised altar formed by the drums of the columns, adjusted the engines and played the film, giving advice, orders and gave instructions. She shot the same shot ten times, starting with the torch of the first runner. The German was literally roasted, sweat trickling like a river. Riefenstahl threw him a towel to dry off and started shooting again.”

(…) While this takes place on Place Coubertin, at the starting line of the centuries-old stadium, a beautiful ritual unfolds. Pratsika’s light-bearing maidens absorb the Olympic light of the sun. They are all alone. No one is allowed to witness the enlightenment. And in fact, at this ceremony, which Leni Riefenstahl had filmed in the morning during rehearsals, no one was allowed to be present; only Phoebus and the Greek virgins, the fire-givers, were to witness the divine ceremony.

(…) It is the most moving moment. Everyone watches with silent admiration and respect. The Olympic light will be emitted. Young Condylis, from Olympia, crosses the girls of light and lights the torch of the altar fire. This is the moment everyone has been waiting for. It is impossible that everyone’s bodies have not stood still, that their breathing has not stopped for a moment, that their mouths have not gone numb. The sun, a radiant silver sun, bathed the entire idyllic green land of Olympia. Young Condylis, half naked, sunburned, has just lit the first torch and is running… running, holding it up. The audience erupts in applause and bravado.

In the blink of an eye he rounds the ring road of Cronion and departs, running with the sacred flame of Olympia to convey the Olympic light – the eternal Greek civilization of achievement and spirit” (1).

(VRADYNI newspaper, Tuesday, July 21, 1936)

As we would say today: a Hollywood spectacle staged by the official ceremonial director of the Nazi Party, Leni Riefenstahl, based on an idea by Dr. Goebbels, which was wholeheartedly approved by Chancellor Hitler!

Olympic Games Berlin 1936

Let’s assume you’re right, then – finally – we could call out Greek officials of all stripes who keep their mouths shut and feign ignorance. And of course they will counterattack: but that does not necessarily mean that all of Olympism is rotten, that Baron de Coubertin’s Olympic idea is no longer valid, and that it should not inspire us.

So let’s talk about the ‘father’ of Olympism, the inspirer and founder of the modern Olympic Games, de Coubertin, whose name adorns streets and squares all over the world and especially in our country, Greece. We’ll say it right away: our good Baron was a rare racist, militaristic, reactionary, colonialist, misogynistic and warlike individual from the far right (with clear Nazi sympathies) for whom Donald Trump or his compatriot Marine Le Pen pale in comparison. ! And here is a small anthology of his ‘creeds’, formulated by the Baron himself, who throughout his life declared himself – and was – a ‘fanatical colonialist’ and a proponent of all inequalities (of class, race and gender):


Drawing by Sonia Mitralia.

+ “the races are not of equal value and all others must swear allegiance to the white race, which is so inherently superior”

+ “There are two different races: the honest, with their strong muscles and confident gait, and the sickly, with their humble, desperate appearance and defeated look. So, both in universities and in the world: the weak are sidelined; this education can only be appreciated by the strong.”

+ “Let no one talk to us about games in which women, teenagers – in short, the weak – can participate.”

+ “The only true Olympic hero is the male individual. Female Olympiads are unthinkable. They would be uninteresting, unattractive and untrue. At the Olympic Games, their role should mainly consist, as in the old knightly tournaments, of crowning the winners.”

+ “The superior race has every right to deny to the inferior race certain privileges of civilized life.”

+ “The young athlete certainly feels better prepared than his ancestors to wage war. And when we are prepared for something, we do it with more willingness.”

+ “I would like to thank the German government and the German people for the efforts they have made in honor of the eleventh Olympiad” (…)”. How could I refrain from celebrating the Eleventh Olympiad, since (…) this apotheosis of the Nazi regime was the emotional shock that allowed the Olympic Games to develop?”

It was therefore only natural that Chancellor Hitler would shortly afterwards nominate De Coubertin for… the Nobel Peace Prize!

Epilogue: All this is now common knowledge, and we have no illusions that historical or other arguments will “convince” those in power to put an end to what is the biggest scam of the past two centuries. If anything can put an end to this unlikely – yet true – “Olympic” mix of Nazi and commercial circus of corruption and alienation, it is only the movement of flesh-and-blood citizens. After all, nothing is based on lies and fraud…


1. See excerpts from the film that Riefenstall made on this occasion in Olympia in 1936: