Severe thunderstorm warning lifted for Canterbury

MetService has withdrawn a severe thunderstorm warning for Canterbury after heavy rain and hail hit parts of the region this afternoon.

The severe storms were forecast to move northeast near Lincoln, Templeton, Rolleston, Springston and Taitapu around 5pm.

The weather was then expected to shift around Christchurch, Kaiapoi and Belfast around 5.30pm.

However, just before 5:30 p.m., the severe thunderstorm warning was withdrawn.

It comes as the streets of our southernmost city were covered in white after an ‘intense’ hailstorm in the area this morning.

Truck driver Carl Kirkbeck was delivering new fish tanks to the factories in Bluff when he saw a dark cloud over the town around 7:30 am.

“If you looked at Bluff, it was pitch black. It was a black you couldn’t describe,” he told 1News.

Hail in Bluff this morning.

Another truck driver on CB radio warned Kirkbeck – and his colleague traveling with him – of a hailstorm in the area.

Although confused at first, when they turned the corner they found themselves in a “winter wonderland”.

“When we drove into it and saw it, it looked like holy smoke. Is it bloody snow or is it actually hail?”

Arriving at a factory, Kirkbeck asked some workers what the hail was like.

“They said it was quite exquisite.”

Kirkbeck said it was a “good introduction to what’s going to happen in the coming months.”

“It’s suddenly like, sheesh, it’s winter. It was like someone had just flipped a switch.”