Nashville Duo Hamilton releases cross-genre EP ‘Down From The North’


Nashville Duo Hamilton releases cross-genre EP 'Down From The North'

(Publicity Nation) Nashville duo Hamilton releases their new multi-genre EP Down From The North. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, the musical duo Hamilton, consisting of Janie and Austin, began their artistic venture shortly after graduating.

Initially known for their compelling cover versions on YouTube, Janie’s classical training and Austin’s background as a music composer combine to bring a fresh, unique sound to their performances. This first introduction was crucial in developing their artistic identity, allowing them to connect with a wider audience through their mutual passion for music and performance.

Recognizing the potential to expand their musical expressions, Janie and Austin moved to Nashville, drawn by its reputation as a center for musical creativity and growth. In Nashville, under the vibrant influence of the rich musical landscape, they decided to put their energy into creating an EP. The project, titled Down From The North in reference to their move south to Music City, represented a pivotal moment in their careers and reflected both personal growth and artistic evolution. This EP received an exclusive premiere from Music Crowns and positioned him prominently within indie music circles.

Track overview: “Looks Like Rain” – The EP opens with a tribute to Bob Dylan, heavily inspired by his Rolling Thunder Revue period. This song reflects Dylan’s profound lyrical style and artistic depth, setting a thoughtful and introspective tone for the EP.

“What’s Left Of You” – Emerging from a creative session possibly sparked by Austin on his acoustic guitar or Janie on her baritone ukulele, this song underwent a significant transformation. Influenced by the Beatles’ complex “I Me Mine,” Austin reimagined the song’s structure with innovative meter changes that enhance the song’s rhythmic and emotional complexity.

“Moving On” – This piece evolves into a mix of moody jazz and blues, inspired by Fiona Apple’s “Paper Bag”. It contains surprising elements such as Latin American percussion rhythms and rich harmonies, which showcase Hamilton’s adventurous musical style and their ability to seamlessly blend diverse influences.

“Anna Lee” – The final track is a poignant ballad that emerged from a guitar melody that Austin had been developing for almost a year. As lyrics were added, they wove a story around different facets of love: passionate, unrequited and idealized, encapsulated in a compelling musical performance.

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Nashville Duo Hamilton releases cross-genre EP ‘Down From The North’

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