Unbound Book Festival ends with film premiere | Mid-Missouri News

The Unbound Book Festival 2024 ended on Sunday after a workshop and a film premiere.

Sunday workshop, The Write On! The workshop took place in Stephens College’s Windsor Auditorium and included a range of activities for both new and experienced writers to improve their writing skills.

While most of the festival was free to attend, the workshop cost $50 per person.

Later on Sunday, Ragtag Cinema hosted a screening of “Once Upon A River,” a film based on the book by author Bonnie Jo Campbell.

Campbell said it was shocking to see her film adapted for the big screen and interesting to see her 300-page book in an hour-and-a-half film.

“I feel like I learned a lot about filmmaking, and I also learned that I prefer writing books,” she said. “I’ll just watch movies and I’ll write books.”

Campbell said she is looking forward to meeting everyone at Ragtag Cinema.

After the screening, Campbell hosted a question and answer session where writers and other attendees could ask questions.

She told KOMU 8 that her advice for new writers is to get to know themselves and figure out what they are obsessed with.

“We have to make sure that we don’t write what someone thinks we should write, or what we think we should write,” Campbell said. “We have to write what really touches our soul.”

Campbell also released a new book, “The Waters,” the January pick for NBC’s Jenna Bush Hager’s “Read with Jenna” book club.