Goulbourn Township Historical Society continues to preserve our history and heritage – Stittsville Central

(The Goulbourn Township Historical Society elected a new Executive for 2024-2025 at their January 20 Annual General Meeting at the Richmond Legion. Front row l-r: Lee Boltwood, director; Mark Heckman, president; John Bottriell, treasurer; Back row l-r : Hélène Rivest, Secretary; Allan McCarville, Director; Cathy Skinner, Director;

Founded in 1977, the Goulbourn Township Historical Society (GTHS) has diligently collected and shared the heritage and family history of the former Goulbourn Township, which included the communities of Stittsville, Hazeldean, Richmond, Munster Hamlet, Ashton, Stanley’s Corners, Stapledon. Mansfield and surrounding rural areas. Over the years, this volunteer-driven group has successfully kept our local history alive with monthly speaker and presentation programs, quarterly newsletters, community involvement, school programs and other special events.

Through the Goulbourn Township History & Family Research Center, located in the Stittsville Public Library, the organization shares a variety of archives and research resources with the public. History is shared through public involvement, such as community participation in Stittsville’s Art in the Park, the annual Ottawa Heritage Day and the annual parade hosted by the Richmond Fair. Local and Canadian history is also promoted in partnership with local high school teachers through the annual GTHS fair. The annual scholarship recognizes the achievement of a Grade 10 student in the study of Canadian history.

With a new Board of Directors and Executive, the GTHS is busy planning many exciting events and activities for the coming year so that everyone can enjoy and learn about our local history. They look forward to sharing this history and heritage with you.

For more information about the GTHS, visit their website at You can follow the group on Facebook and if you have any questions or would like to volunteer, email [email protected] or [email protected]. For questions about the Goulbourn Township History and Family Research Center, please email [email protected].