Sliding sewer pipes cause sinkhole in Venlo

The car in the sinkhole on the Veldenseweg in Venlo

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The sinkhole in Venlo that a car fell into yesterday was caused by displaced sewer pipes. As water flowed from the pipes, the soil under the road surface gradually washed away. As a result, the road suddenly collapsed yesterday afternoon, regional broadcaster L1 reports based on an investigation by the municipality.

Last night, inspectors examined the hole with cameras and discovered that the sewer pipe parts no longer fit properly. The hole has now been filled with sand. The road is not always closed.

The car arrived just as the road was collapsing, eventually sinking completely into the hole. The sinkhole measured approximately four by five meters.

The driver and the two children in the back seat escaped unscathed:

Car sinks into sinkhole in Venlo: ‘I just had it new’