Blacc Zacc and Renni Rucci share new single, pregnancy announcement

Blacc Zacc and Renni Rucci have shared a music video for a joint single following news of the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta pregnancy of the star.

The song ‘Nola’ also features Big Lex and was originally released in 2023 on Zacc’s 48 hours project. The video premiered on Wednesday (April 17).

In the clip, the Columbia, SC native spits next to scantily clad women eager to show off their assets.

Check out the image below.

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube video - Blacc Zacc and Renni Rucci join forces on new single after pregnancy announcement

The video arrived on the same day the duo announced they were expecting a child.

Rucci took to Instagram to share the news via a video that showed Polaroid photos of her pregnant wife next to a white cake.

Renni captioned the post: “Junior,

“Hello, it’s your mother and I can’t wait for the day we finally meet. To finally see the love I feel manifested in something as tangible as YOU! You are the product of a beautiful bond and you are already so loved. These past few months have been so hard to keep you to ourselves.

‘Now not only are we waiting for you, but everyone else is too. (I know you were tired of me sucking lol) You have a big family ready to spoil you rotten. We can’t wait to see your little face!!!

Your mother”

Fans may recall that Rucci was engaged to Foogiano, and she stayed with him while he began serving a five-year prison sentence for parole violation.

The Georgia rapper was so grateful for his partner’s efforts that he took to Instagram to share a photo of his fiancée along with a caption acknowledging how much she held him back.

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SCMG Rapper Blacc Zacc Flips ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ in ‘Lookin Like’ Video

“Everyone left except you, you’re not getting the praise you deserve!” He wrote. “Not even from me. I love you more than I can explain. There are no others, it’s just me and you and I’m okay with that. They talk, but they don’t know. My queen! My fiancee! Thanks for the patience and love. I’m with you 4 Life & After @rennirucci_.”

Renni Rucci added in the comments: “I love you so much and I miss you! These comments are hilarious.”

Although details of their breakup were never revealed, the fellow Columbia, SC rapper confirmed the news when she tweeted, “You can’t cheat when you’re single (wink emoji).”