Sick of litter left by vacationers, Lake Tahoe musician writes song to inspire change | Carson City Nevada News

Local musician Liz Broscoe has released a song about Lake Tahoe and the challenges of keeping it blue, and it could become the next rallying cry to protect the lake.

Liz has been working on a new album for over a year and she wrote “Mother Earth” as one of the songs for that album. She finished writing the song when she saw the videos of the thousands of pounds of trash left on Zephyr Shoals on the Fourth of July.

“It made me sick, as did everyone else who saw it,” Liz said of the viral video.

Within a day of sitting with that image, Liz had an inspiring idea to create a public service announcement (PSA) and music video of “Mother Earth.”

Like many others of her generation, Liz grew up watching the PSA as howling Native Americans canoed on a trash-laden Hudson River. It was released in 1970 and became one of the most famous public TV spots. “People are causing pollution, people can stop it,” the announcer said in the background.

It’s been 54 years since that video aired, but people still need to be told, “Look what you’re doing, stop it!”

Liz wants to make her video and song the rallying cry for action.

“Mother Earth” is Liz’s second song about protecting the place we call home. She wrote the lyrics to “Last of Our Kind”, and the music was written by Wesley Orsolic. It was about Lake Tahoe, where “Mother Earth” could take on a more global appeal, along with an emphasis on the lake.

After seeing the trash on the 4th of July, Liz began creating storyboards in her head to follow the song’s concept for video. She met a friend who sponsored the video creation.

She needed footage and a filmmaker and found a two-in-one with Colin West, the founder of Clean Up The Lake. They started a conversation and the League to Save Lake Tahoe provided some footage for Colin’s.

Liz’s song was cut in half to fit the video, and they started working with Ludovic Fekete in August to make the video, and it was shot and produced with local musician Wesley Orsolic. See the video below and here.

“Everyone learns differently: music is emotional, the song is emotional,” Liz said. “You can change behavior if you make it easy. Some people are emotional and if you can touch them that way with pictures and music.”

She wants to touch people with this song and video, whether it speaks to their behavior, or pushes them to change and not be part of the problem, but part of the solution.

“This could be part of a different approach and tactic to get people to change their behavior,” Liz said of the song and video. “This is a no-brainer,” she added. “Mother Earth” is a song on Liz’s album, “Here We Are Again.” She will be at Lake Tahoe Community College on Earth Day, not with this song, but by leading a drum circle. Liz has been teaching college drums for almost 25 years. Her lessons include rock ensemble, drum set and West African hand drumming.

As for the future of the song, Liz said it would be great to be seen by a wider audience in her mission to create change. Maybe promotions from the Lake Tahoe Visitor’s Authority, the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, incoming in-flight video, pre-concert shows at Stateline, or during the previews at theaters. Maybe even at the annual Lake Tahoe Summit. She would like to see it as the signature piece for Lake Tahoe.

To take it to the next step, a sponsor would be nice, as well as a collaboration with creative people.

“It would be nice if it would just come out,” Liz explained. “Find someone who understands the vision on sponsorship.”

“This could happen in so many places,” Liz said. “It could be a PSA for the world, way more than just Tahoe. Fifteen million people come to Tahoe, wouldn’t it be nice if half of them saw it?” More about Liz can be found on her website

“If you can use your talent for purposeful work, that’s a beautiful thing,” said the talented musician.