Church in Poland seeks beatification of murdered missionary

The Church in Poland is seeking the beatification of a young lay missionary who was murdered in a botched robbery shortly after he started working with Catholic nuns at a children’s home in Bolivia in 2017. Source: OSV news.

Helena Kmiec (1991-2017) was stabbed to death at the age of 25 by a nighttime intruder in Cochabamba in central Bolivia.

Father Pawel Wróbel, postulator in the cause of the holiness of the missionary, said that in her five years as a volunteer, Mrs. Kmiec “discovered her vocation to spread the Gospel – and it gave her a sense of happiness and fulfillment, of being in God’s hands are.

“Her life and example can show young people that it is possible to find your place in the Church, despite what is said today, by sharing your God-given talents and beliefs. There is no need to withdraw from the world.”

Father Wróbel said the beatification process, launched by the Polish Bishops’ Conference with the Vatican’s approval, had been received “with joy” by Ms Kmiec’s many friends and supporters, who had already submitted testimonies and memories.

“The trial will concern her heroic virtues – after analyzing evidence from her last moments of life, we came to the conclusion that this was not martyrdom,” said Father Wróbel, mission director at the Society of the Divine Savior, popularly known as Salvatorians . .

“But this is also a sign from God that we should focus on her life rather than her death, not least because a miracle will be needed to confirm her sanctity.”

Marta Omieczynska, director of a foundation set up to continue Ms Kmiec’s work, said prayers for her beatification helped those keen to preserve her memory.

“She was truly an exceptional person, who could inspire others to live a beautiful life,” Omieczynska said.

“But she was also a normal contemporary girl, very present and close to people, with her own problems and fears, and not a distant saint, forever on her knees.”


Could this Polish girl who was murdered during a mission be a saint? (By Jonathan Luxmoore, OSV news)