High Street – Bridge to the Bay

Bear view on Alameda for April 21, 2024

Before I start this week’s report, I have some exciting news.

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Alameda Post - High Street sign

For this week’s report I was supposed to report on my walks around Crab Cove and the boat launch area on Encinal Avenue. Instead, my editor and human companion retrieved that report and sent me to the High Street on a special assignment yesterday. When I asked him what I had to report on, he mumbled something about it being 420 Day. I asked him about the meaning of April 20. He said he forgot, but he knew it was important somehow. So with no clear direction, I set out.

Alameda Post - Hoogstraatbrug.  Photo by Jeff Cambra

High Street is a very long street that crosses both Oakland and Alameda. The High Street Bridge marks the border of Alameda and seemed like a good place to start. It spans the 300-foot-high Oakland Estuary and the first bridge was first built in 1894. Since then, there have been several fires and in 1939 the bridge was rebuilt with the design we see today. I started my walk towards the bay, scanning and sniffing for… what? I still didn’t know.

Alameda Post - View of Lincoln Park

Alameda Post - View of Lincoln Park

The corner of Santa Clara Avenue and High Street is one of two locations of economic activity along the road and is home to the majestic ironwork that marks the entrance to Lincoln Park. There are many things to do here. There are wide open spaces, basketball aces, pickleball courts and bocce courts.

Alameda Post - Bike Town at High St. and Santa Clara Ave.

Cycle City has something to offer every cyclist and is definitely worth a stop if you enjoy the sport or are thinking of taking up.

Alameda Post - Altarena Theater.  Photo by Jeff CambraJust down the street is the Altarena Theater. This building was once a grocery store before being purchased and converted into a theater in 1957. The company has been performing plays and musicals in Alameda since 1939.

Alameda Post - Small Free Library for Banned LGBTQ Books

I found a really cool Little Free Library painted with rainbows. The sign said it contained the Banned Books-LGBTQ Library

Alameda Post - Krusi Park

There is an entrance to Krusi Park on High Street. I described all the facilities that this park has to offer in my report of August 20, 2023.

Alameda Post - Encinal Market

The other economic center on High Street is located at the intersection of Encinal Avenue and is anchored by the Encinal Market. You can also grab a loaf of bread at Feel Good Bakery, get your caffeine fix at Café au Lait, or a Bento Box at Blue Fin Restaurant.

Alameda Post - private road end of High Street

I ended my journey along High Street, just short of the bay, due to the private road limiting access to the bay proper.

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