America has made a drastic decision with Farías being eliminated

America of Cali Sepultum is our ability to move forward cuadrangulares of the Liga Betplay by the fact that you are visiting Independent Santa Fe with the good convertido por Francisco Chaverra in the second part of the time.

The result is that the dirigidos are por Cesar Farias with 24 points on the position table. If you have an embargo, you don’t have to Once Caldaswhile we see the fate of the other classifications, le lleva cuatro de ventaja a falta de una fecha to complete the last things against the todos.

After analyzing the results in El Campín de Bogotá, the story of an incógnita about the future, it may be that the results in this semester do not have major consequences, the temporary elimination of Alianza FC from the Copa Sudamericanathat can complicate your continuation of the equipment.

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Justamente, Venezuelan technology is a theme in prensa street: “This depends on the guidelines. And once that is the case, working together in a difficult situation that is ten years old is not a common problem in America. Trabajamos with honesty and dedication, but this is a reflexion“, aseguró.

If you don’t immediately mention your salida as an American, it’s clear that the guidelines are on the shelf Tulio and Marcela GomezIf you are looking for a balance to decide whether you want to become an entrepreneur, you can decide the next semester.

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To avoid this, the diablos play a role in decorating your participation in this Liga Betplay enfrentando a Once Caldas as a visitor. At the moment, if you make some decisions respecting the technique, the players who will be contested in the second semester.

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