‘7 Little Johnstons’ Amber shares teen milestone photos of youngest children Emma and Alex

The Johnson family from TLC’s ‘7 Little Johnstons’

In season 14 of 7 Little JohnstonsTLC viewers watched Amber And Trent Johnston‘s children experience important milestones. Their youngest children, Emma And Alexrecently attended their junior prom on the show, but in real time the siblings were just going to their senior prom.

Amber took to Instagram on Saturday, April 20, with a carousel of photos of her kids and their friends, all dressed up for the high school dance. “• SeNiOr Prom •,” the doting mom captioned the update.

In the photos, Emma rocked a strapless aqua blue dress as she posed with her date, who wore a matching blue tie. Alex looked dapper in his suit with a green tie, seemingly opting for the company of his friends, twin brothers Ryan And Sean.

Other photos showed Emma getting her hair done for prom. Her older sister, Liz, also helped her with her makeup for the event.

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In the comments, fans react to Emma and Alex’s prom photos. One Instagram user wrote: “Absolutely beautiful, Emma! That dress suits you perfectly,” while another said: “Ms. Emma, ​​you look beautiful, and your date is quite handsome, as are Alex and the rest of the boys.”

Another fan wondered: “New boyfriend?”

Still, others were curious about what happened to Alex’s girlfriend from season 14. Alliewho was his date to his junior prom.

One person said: “Where is Alex’s girlfriend??” while another commented: “Awe no Allie?”

It’s unclear if Allie and Alex broke up or if she couldn’t make it to prom this year.

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