‘You are a slave’ – Mohammed Hadid attacks a black pro-Israel congressman

Mohammed Hadid, father of pro-Palestinian models Gigi and Bella, is harassing the congressman because of his ethnicity and sexual orientation.

By World Israel News Staff

Mohammed Hadid, the billionaire father of pro-Palestinian supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid, sent threatening and intimidating messages to a US lawmaker over his support for Israel.

In the messages, Hadid disparaged Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) for his sexual orientation and ethnicity.

“You are worse than the rats in the New York sewer system. They have bigger brains than you. Maybe you’ll get a job as a bouncer at a gay bar,” Hadid wrote to Toress, according to screenshots of the conversation viewed by the New York Post.

“Make sure you dress like KKK to hide that ugly gray-colored face of yours,” he continued, adding that Torres was a “slave of the white people.”

Hadid also suggested that Torres was bribed by pro-Israel groups.

“You are just an unusual black and colorful mouth for Israelis and AIPAC and looking for a payday of more than 500,000,” he added.

Torres told the New York Post that Hadid’s tirade had no impact on his support for Israel.

“Whether it’s dehumanizing me as worse than the rats in the New York sewer system or telling me to dress like the KKK to ‘hide that gray face of yours,’” Mr. Hadid has said just about every racial slur hurled at me while calling me the N-word,” Torres told the newspaper After.

“That Mr. Hadid felt so comfortable demonizing and dehumanizing a black member of Congress reveals a tragic truth about our politics: If you are a person of color and pro-Israel, you are fair game for racist epithets.”

After Hadid’s posts went viral, the real estate developer issued a statement saying he “regretted” his choice of words but reiterated his vehement hatred of Israel.

Hadid said his “anger” toward the Jewish State and its supporters is “justified,” and that his “emotions are at an all-time high” as he sees U.S. politicians “working as AIPAC messengers of genocide.”

He also stated that he believed Torres is being “used” by Israel to do the country’s “dirty work,” suggesting the lawmaker is unable to form his own opinions on geopolitics.