PA Republicans are taking action to crack down on undocumented migrants

HARRISBURG, PA — Pennsylvania House Republicans recently called a news conference to address undocumented immigrants in the state, fueled by what they say is the Biden administration’s failure to secure the southern border.

They introduced legislation to ban sanctuary cities or counties in Pennsylvania, saying they would bring the national border to local neighborhoods.

Lawmakers are also seeking stronger measures to tackle crime committed by undocumented immigrants. This follows an incident in February in which seven undocumented immigrants were accused of attacking two police officers in New York’s Times Square.

PA Rep. Martina White (R, Philadelphia) proposes requiring a minimum $1 million bail for assaulting police officers.

PA Rep. Donna Scheuren (R, Montgomery) has proposed legislation to crack down on squatters and require local authorities to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement should a squatter be in the country illegally.

“For too long in Pennsylvania, we have protected criminal squatters over the rights of property owners,” Scheuren said. “My Homeowner Protection and Squatter Eviction Act would provide property owners the protection they deserve and appropriately punish squatters who enter homes and cause damage to the property they enter.”


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