rewrite this title Privileged Columbia protester who ‘killed’ elderly couple in crash should be in jail, not on campus, outraged family says

Isabel Jennifer Seward, a privileged protester at Columbia University, was involved in a fatal accident in 2020 that killed an elderly couple. Despite the tragedy, Seward was not charged with any crime related to the crash. Her family’s wealth and connections have protected her from serious consequences. Eve Taylor, the deceased couple’s niece, believes Seward should be in prison instead of attending an elite university.

During the crash, Seward, who was 16 at the time, crossed the double line and collided head-on with Chet and Connie Hawkins. Connie died instantly, while Chet suffered for several hours before passing away. Seward pleaded no contest to a civil traffic ticket and paid a $220 fine. Thanks to her family’s resources, she was able to avoid more serious penalties. After the incident, Seward’s family received no significant backlash and continued on with their lives without any legal consequences.

Since the incident, Seward has lived a life of privilege, with her home address being a $2.2 million mansion in Atlanta. Her family’s wealth and influence have provided her with opportunities and resources that protect her from the consequences of her actions. Despite calls for accountability from the victims’ families, Seward has not faced any punishment and has not taken responsibility for her role in the crash. The lack of justice in this case has left the family of the deceased couple feeling outraged and frustrated.

Vermont State Police released Seward’s name to the public after the crash, sparking a dispute with the Chittenden County Prosecutor’s Office. The office was reportedly angry with police for making Seward’s name public. There were concerns about transparency and compliance with legal standards in the handling of the case. The controversy surrounding the handling of the case has increased the frustration and anger of the victims’ relatives, who believe Seward should be tried for her actions.

Eve Taylor, niece of the deceased couple, called for justice for her relatives. She believes Seward should be charged with murder for her role in the fatal crash. Taylor has been in contact with law enforcement authorities to inquire about reopening the investigation into the incident. She is determined that Seward be held accountable for her actions and believes that her privileged background should not protect her from the consequences of her actions.

The lack of accountability in Seward’s case highlights issues of privilege and unequal treatment in the legal system. Despite causing a fatal accident, she faced no legal consequences, leaving the victims’ families frustrated and angry. The case also raises questions about transparency and accountability in legal proceedings, as there were disagreements between law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in the handling of the case. The family of the deceased couple continues to push for justice and hopes Seward is held accountable for her actions.