Rawalpindi: Pakistani woman gives birth to six babies in rare case | World news

A 27-year-old woman gave birth to six children at the District Headquarters Hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on Friday, Dawn reported. Four of the newborns are boys, while two are girls, each weighing less than two pounds. All six babies and their mother are healthy, said the hospital’s medical superintendent, Dr. Farzana.

A 27-year-old woman gave birth to six children at the District Headquarters Hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Friday (X(formerly Twitter))

According to the report, the woman, Zeenat Waheed, wife of Mohammad Waheed, delivered the six babies one by one within an hour. It was Zeenat’s first birth. On Thursday evening she experienced pain during childbirth and was taken to hospital.

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“The sextuplets and their mother are in good condition; however, the doctors placed the babies in an incubator,” Dr. Farzana told Dawn.

Dr. Farzana said that Zeenat developed complications after delivering the babies and her condition is expected to normalize in the coming days.

In the birth series, the first two babies born were boys. “It was not a normal delivery and in the delivery order the girl was the third,” said the officer on duty in the delivery room.

Meanwhile, in an interaction with the media, Zeenat’s family members expressed their happiness over the birth of the babies.

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How multiple pregnancies can happen

It is believed that the birth of sextuplets only occurs in one in 4.5 million pregnancies. Live births of such a large number of babies are rare.

A woman can become pregnant with two or more fetuses at the same time when a fertilized egg splits before implanting in the uterus (this happens in the case of identical twins) or when separate eggs are fertilized by different sperm cells (causing fraternal twins) arises).

In recent years, it has been known that reproductive technologies such as ovulation-stimulating drugs and in vitro fertilization (IVF) can cause multiple pregnancies. Ovulation stimulating drugs help in the production of many eggs. If fertilized, they can lead to multiple babies, according to Stanford Medicine.

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