Payson High students celebrate prom with a “Footloose” theme

PAYSON Saturday morning was busy for many Payson High School students. Hundreds of teenagers helped build kits for actor Kevin Bacon’s charity SixDegrees.

‘You were all just tireless’: Kevin Bacon praises Payson High students as he returns to ‘Footloose’ roots

Just as Bacon’s character in the movie “Footloose” danced the night away at the prom, the students of Payson High School danced their feat to bring the actor back to Utah 40 years after the movie hit theaters.

“It’s really cool that he actually comes to visit the school before (the school) is demolished,” said Amanda Jensen, a junior at Payson High.

Amanda couldn’t miss this unique event. Instead of asking someone at school, she decided to ask her childhood friend Christian Ganiere.

Bacon wasn’t the only Hollywood star in Payson on Saturday Christian happens to be an actor from California.

Christian, who is homeschooled, said he couldn’t miss the opportunity either.

“(Amanda) asked me and I was like, ‘I’ve never been to prom, that’s the coolest thing ever, yeah I’m going right away,’” Christian said.

Christian said he was excited to visit the school where the film was filmed.

“I didn’t know the movie was shot here, but in high school,” he said.

Back at Payson High, the gymnasium was decorated with colorful streamers and bright lights, almost identical to the prom in the movie.

The students were dressed to the nines, ready to dance the night away, celebrating an achievement they had been working on for months.

“I feel like most of the credit goes to the student council because I know they went out of their way to get Kevin Bacon’s attention. All their work has paid off,” Amanda said.

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