Thieves smash the farm shop of Theo (72) and Helma (70).

There was enormous chaos in the farm shop of Theo (72) and Helma (70) Brosens in Roosendaal, where the strawberries and pears are always neatly displayed. Thieves entered the business during the night and destroyed the entrance doors, the fruit and vegetable machines and smashed windows.

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A surprising surprise, to say the least. While they were just sleeping, the thieves entered the store in the outskirts of Roosendaal around one o’clock. The burglars force the door with a crowbar.

Helma is still a bit dazed about it. “They smashed the machines to smithereens for the small amount of money they contained. And that wasn’t even a decent amount, about six hundred euros.”

“Our Saint Bernard always barks loudly when something is wrong.”

How they were able to view their hallway is a mystery to the couple. “We didn’t mention anything,” says the owner. “Our dog, a Saint Bernard, barks loudly when something is going on. We are both a little deaf in one ear, but we didn’t hear the dog at all. They probably gave him something that kept him going. ” , she thinks.

“The window was broken for a box of grapes.”

The perpetrators also took a coffee maker and food. “Packages of walnuts, seeds and dried apricots have disappeared,” Helma says. “But the highlight is the wall-mounted machine, where you can only pay by card and which therefore contains no money. The window was smashed so that she could get away with a container of grapes. That doesn’t do you any good.” she says somberly.

There are cameras in the farm shop on Rietgoorsestraat, but the perpetrators very cunningly place a coffee cup over them, so that their action was not recorded.

The couple does not know exactly how extensive the damage is. “I think replacing the machines will cost us around ten thousand euros. And on top of that there will be other destruction.”

“They have no idea what they are doing to someone else.”

It is not the first time that Theo and Helma has been broken into. They are both quite calm about it, but the real shock will probably come tomorrow, they suspect. “Really, they have no idea what they are doing to someone else.”

Café De Brembos, two hundred meters away on Bergsebaan, was also broken last night. It is not known how much was built there.

Photo: Brosens family.
Photo: Brosens family.