Sint Antoniesbreestraat closed off after a report about a firearm, man arrested

The Sint Antoniesbreestraat in the center was largely cordoned off with police tape due to a report received about someone with a firearm. The person with the firearm might be in the street, so it was cordoned off for safety reasons. The police arrested a man early in the evening and a possible firearm was also taken.

The police closed the street around 5 p.m. to find out whether there was indeed someone present with a firearm. Police vehicles and officers with bulletproof vests had cordoned off the street on the Nieuwmarkt from the Nieuwe Hoogstraat. The police arrest team was also present in large numbers.

The arrest team managed to arrest the man in a home after a negotiator was involved. According to a bystander, the man shot something like a firearm out of the window. The police cannot confirm that the man threw the object out of the window, but do say that the weapon that was on the street was taken. It must now be investigated whether it was a real firearm.

Sint Antoniesbreestraat was closed because it is a busy street with many pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. For their safety and that of the police, the street is closed for about an hour and a half.