Rescue operations underway as floods hit southern China’s Guangdong province

Rescue operations were underway on Saturday, April 20, when heavy rains in southern China caused rivers to overflow in Guangdong, local news and officials reported.

According to China’s Central News Agency, heavy rains caused flooding and landslides in several provinces in southern China’s Guangdong province on Sunday, with a total of 65 thunderstorm and storm warnings in effect across the region.

Guangdong Fire Protection said they were carrying out rescue operations as the province suffered “a large number of flash floods and severe flooding due to the backflow of rivers.”

“Many houses were flooded and many elderly people and children had to be urgently evacuated,” the Guangdong Fire Department said, according to an automatic translation.

Images here, released by the Guangdong Fire Protection, show rescue operations on Saturday. Credit: Guangdong Fire Protection via Storyful